Who We Are

Based in in the heart of downtown Santa Monica, California, Ride N Care is a SoCal tech startup redefining how Seniors, medical outpatients and their families find, hire and pay for professional and cost-effective transportation to/from medical appointments, the pharmacy, and even routine shopping trips. Our digital platform and mobile app connects customers with drivers offering door-through-door transport plus companion care for the duration of each trip. Our next generation mobile app gives client-users the additional ability to hire exceptional drivers with professional health care certifications, track transportation location and ETA in real-time, and arrange for payment of both the transport and care companion fees. Future releases will offer non-emergency medical transport and ambulance companies and their customers the same cutting-edge mobile technology.

What We Are Not

Ride N Care is not a medical transport company; though we do partner with non-emergency transportation providers to serve non-ambulatory clients who need additional service options.

Why do we need this?

As part of the new Caring Economy, Ride N Care is on a mission to help Seniors age in place, live independently and solve common challenges faced by medical patients and others with special needs who lack access to reliable, convenient and affordable transportation. In addition, Ride N Care provides clients with a companionship option via on-demand access to care professionals to assist the client during transport, while at medical appointments, or even on a trip to the drug store. Using a network of independent contractors and pre-screened partners, Ride N Care offers a combination of on-demand transport services, including ambulatory ride-share, wheelchair or gurney transportation at competitive prices.

Aging in Place

For today’s Seniors, aging in place means having access to safe and reliable transportation and care options. Having the freedom to live their lives independently and with dignity is critical to quality of life, and loving families can't always be there, despite their best intentions.


At Ride N Care, we’re passionate about bringing freedom, flexibility and peace of mind to non-emergency medical transport for Seniors and others in need. We’re using technology to connect people with on-demand professional transport and care services when they need them in a safe, reliable and cost-effective environment. We want to be the centerpiece of the new Caring Economy.

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